I think I past most of the difficult days with my stutter. I pretty much come to terms with who I am. I actually kind of like myself. Any chance you could give us a few basics about non obvious infringements to help enjoyment of watching the WC?Anyone can watch any kind of football, even kids just knocking it around in the parks, understand enjoy it without any kind of explanation being necessary, which is one reason for it being probably the most popular team sport on the planet.Rugby seems much more dangerous too, esp for head, neck spinal injuries (tho obvs these can happen in football too). [Post edited 22 Sep 13:33]Poll: Are you relieved Paul Lambert didn’t get the Scotland job?Rugby is so much better than football. On 13:34 Sep 22 with 697 viewsitfcjoeBut physically there isn’t an issue as power and intensity is critical in rugby too.

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