I love Disney. Over the years I have collected the DVDs and embraced each new princess like she was to become a new friend. (is that weird?) I am the mamma of three girls and so it has been fun to introduce them to each princess and watch them live in a fantasy world where they get to be the princess in the story. I have favourites. (Don’t we all) Belle is courageous and Pocahontas a freedom fighter. Mulan won’t be held back because she is a woman and Aurora is rescued by the most valiant of princes. (Call me obsessed, whatever!)

More recently, though, I fell in love with the Frozen story which chose to centre itself around two princesses and not one. How awesome. It portrayed the power of Sisterhood and taught us that we are better together, which obviously spoke right to my Sisterhood pioneering heart. And then came Moana. I had high hopes and I can categorically say, with no disrespect to the princesses before her, Moana is my favorite Disney princess of all time.

Moana goes on a journey to discover her calling and purpose. She believes she’s called to more than what she currently finds herself a part of. She sees the ocean beyond the lagoon and thinks that it’s calling her to a grander story. She believes that the call to become “Moana” lies in what she will achieve rather than who she is deep inside.

All throughout the movie a question of identity is posed – WHO ARE YOU? Do you know who you are?

Can you believe that Disney are helping the world embrace this crucial question? (They are totally nailing it!) And boy am I grateful for them. For timely reminders for us all to embrace WHO WE ARE. I’m so thankful for the reminder from Moana to answer that question in my own life but also to help my little girls answer that question for themselves.

So do you know who you are?

My favorite part of the movie (Disclaimer: spoil alert) is when Moana wants to give up on her mission to restore the heart of Tafiti. She is not sure that she has what it takes to go forward and hesitates. Her grandmothers spirit comes to ask her again DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? She encourages her to listen for the quiet still voice inside her and find the resolve within herself to carry on. Moana begins to sing about who she is and in a moment of amazing revelation she sings
“And the call isn’t out there at all its INSIDE ME- come what may I AM MOANA”.

There will be days when we will hesitate and want to give up. There are days I question where I am and what I am doing but even in the questioning I have someone to remind me of who I am and point me in the right direction. We will have our own ideas and feel a strong call to be or become someone but when we lose sight of this (and this will happen) we need something solid to go back to. For me this has been Jesus. No matter what I am feeling or how hard things are HE STAYS THE SAME and SAYS THE SAME THINGS ABOUT ME.

God’s word is my solid ground. When I am not sure and when my heart feels faint I turn my attention towards Him because His words are constant and true. He says I am enough when I don’t feel it. He says I am called when I can’t see it. He says I am valuable and worthwhile when I have been discarded. He says I am well able to overcome when I want to run and hide. He says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me when I want to give up.

So who am I? I am Tes. Daughter of God. Lover of Jesus. Wife to a courageous and kind man. Mother to world changing daughters. An ordinary girl, passionate about living free and leading people through songs, words and stories. Gods word throughout the years has helped shape who I am today and continues to remind me of the call that lives inside of me.

Thanks Moana… you stirred a conversation in my heart again about who I am. So I hope you’ll watch it to and begin to answer the question for yourself.