find more EDIT: Here and here are videos of the two tables starting on the exact same settings with the same record. You see I have to turn the gain all the way up and the volume almost all the way up on the debut carbon to get the same volume. There is very little low end and much more surface noise from the debut carbon.

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Well, I been trading crypto for 3 years and you nailed it. That exactly what going on. They do it by putting up huge sell walls and selling micro amounts so that the “last price” is always to the lower end of the spread and in red. Stockton had the early upper hand, Ryan Lomberg lighting the lamp just 1:03 into the action, but San Jose responded with two scores before the first intermission. After a scoreless second, the game went into the third with the Heat needing to score, and the home team tied it with 11 minutes left as Luke Philp found twine on the man advantage and set the stage for Kirkland’s game winner. 19.

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