Yet management used coordinated articles in the media to interpret and amplify the effect of the news which it had released. Multiple aliases were used, some of which pretended to be hedge fund managers. At least 13 articles on CytRx alone have now been removed, most of those during the past two days alone..

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Monokinis swimwear 28 points submitted 8 months agotl;dr former head mod threw control of the sub over to /u/unoriginalteenmommod and bailed, I here to make fun banners and garbage posts, we vetting new mods applicants now and we get input from you all about them later on, nobody who has ever been involved in the leadership of this sub at any point in the past on any account is on the mod list right now, except automoderator who has been reprogrammed not to be an asshole.Basically we doing our best to make this place fun again and we hope you give us a shot.zoltree 78 points submitted 12 months agoYou certainly entitled to your opinion but I think you should be aware that it heavily influenced by whatever culture you belong to. You be surprised how little people wear to bathe at neighbourhood pools or family friendly beaches when you outside of North America. I kind of wish opinions like this would be given with a cultural caveat because in places I visited in Brazil or France I seen some pretty tiny bikinis in family situations and nobody looked twice. Monokinis swimwear

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