Recently I felt urged on to “remember”. To look back at the story of my life unfolding and see the threads of God’s grace and provision in all things. It’s been wonderful and sometimes hard to remember. To see the good but also acknowledge the pain.

Nearly 6 years ago I started a blog that documented a road to a healthier heart and soul. It told stories of my overcoming and my journey towards greater wholeness and peace as a very young woman. I felt to resurrect some of these posts and share them with you. It seems that over the years the anthem of my heart and the stance of life has only become more defined and true. (I love that.)

So here is the first of the THROWBACK series. It won’t last forever but hopefully you’ll look forward to Thursday. A reminder to stop and take stock of all that God has done in your life. Be encouraged today and in your remembering would you believe that He will do it again, in greater measure than before.

WAY MAKER (18 December 2011)
This week past I felt caught up in turbulent seas. In fact everything seemed to unravel before me yesterday. I’ve been battling with one of my kids. She has sensory integration struggles and  I have honestly never felt so helpless. Anyway, the above is not the point of the story. Yesterday even in my hopelessness I took to worshipping and sang over my child. I was singing GOD IS ABLE, proclaiming that He is the possible when we feel the impossible. I sang into her future and then went on to sing about our current situation. And (even in my desperate space) I sang out to God that HE IS THE WAY, WOULD HE MAKE A WAY FOR ME.

It was a very special time for me and I felt that God was with me (have you ever felt Him so close like that?), fuelling my faith and encouraging me to sing out my desires and ask Him for the impossible. The story gets better. In church this morning just a day after I sang truth into our situation a girl came up to me with a HUGE sunflower. She said God had told her to pick it from the side of the road as she was driving to church and bring it to me. (I love how God keeps giving me flowers…. Seriously). But the best thing is that flower came with a message TELL TES, I WILL BE HER WAY MAKER.

How kind is God? No one heard me yesterday crying out for my daughter. No one acknowledged my anguish and noticed my plea for a new way. But, as He does, God heard and supernaturally sent a young woman to pass on a message to me. And you know what that message has given me enough courage to have faith for another day. To trust God. To press on. God is always looking for ways to bellow out over our lives TRUST ME. He will do what He will do. And it is ALWAYS good.

So do not give up hope. God hears. If you are crying alone or struggling today KNOW that God is able. He sees every tear and is moving on your behalf. trust Him. He is bigger than what we are going through. Hang on. Worship Him. Keep trusting. Do not lose hope. The world is telling you to give up, stop caring. Jesus is saying DO NOT GIVE UP.

Hope is a weapon. Our defence. HOPE. HOPE. HOPE. Fight for your marriage. Keep trying with your children. Persevere in your church. Love your frustrating neighbor. Don’t give up on your dreams. Choose life. Still want that baby. Sing your heart out. Offer your gift. Trust your community. Learn to love again. Laugh. Worship. Seriously- there is ALWAYS a way because Jesus promises that HE is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. (John 14:6)

God is always making a way for us. Because that is who He is. Be on the look out for HIS WAY today and embrace the solid and firm truth that He is the ultimate WAY MAKER, in every situation. In every season of the soul.