Recently I felt urged on to “remember”. To look back at the story of my life unfolding and see the threads of God’s grace and provision in all things. It’s been wonderful and sometimes hard to remember. To see the good but also acknowledge the pain.

Nearly 6 years ago I started a blog that documented a road to a healthier heart and soul. It told stories of my overcoming and my journey towards greater wholeness and peace as a very young woman. I felt to resurrect some of these posts and share them with you. It seems that over the years the anthem of my heart and the stance of life has only become more defined and true. (I love that.)

Here is the third edition of THE THROWBACK SERIES. A reminder to stop and take stock of all that God has done in your life. Be encouraged today and in your remembering would you believe that He will do it again, in greater measure than before.

02 November 2011, The Pressure is OFF.

I think that if it were mostly up to us, we would not crack on and do the audacious and big things that God has called us to do. We either are just too lazy. (Sorry, too harsh?) Or too scared. Or in the case of this blog post, we have DISQUALIFIED ourselves so we don’t do anything. (This has been part of my story)

Way too often I speak with people who have completely written themselves off from becoming the entirety of who they were predestined to be because of past issues, sin, fear or a combination of all these things. I know I am not the only one who has worked through these real life things. I believe too many people are living in just a fraction of the potential they could be. Some days, honestly, I want to shake myself and shout at people COME ON YOU HAVE IT. YOU HAVE THE GENIUS OF GOD IN YOU. YOU’RE AN IMAGE OF THE MOST CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE GOD- DO SOMETHING PLEASE!!!

I have been humbled, COMPLETELY,  by how God has used me even when I haven’t felt that I am ‘in the right place’ or ‘worth it’ or ‘capable’ or ‘holy enough’ or  ‘good enough’. The Bible says that HIS POWER IS MADE PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS. (2 Corinthians 12:19.)  I so often feel disqualified to do what God has asked me to do. For years I felt that I was too ‘messed up’ to lead LINC CHURCH. I questioned the call and fought with God, accusing HIM of making the wrong choices. (Hilarious!) The reality is that I am SO very flawed, we’re human. We are not perfect. It could only take a very kind and powerful God to do something with us. And I truly believe He is and He will. His power is made perfect in our weakness. His power is made perfect when I let go of my standards and thoughts about myself and trust in what He says and what He has called me to do. It takes raw faith to trust God to do something extraordinary with us. Seriously I think it would do us some good to rely on God a little more. To trust His grand master plan. I’m learning this slowly, little by little everyday. We have been given such unique abilities and gifts but they only become their fullest expression here on earth when we align them with the power of God. If you are a person who thinks you have nothing and are worthless well God can do amazing things with your insecurity if you will let Him. You see, at the end of the day,  it really is not about US and what we can make happen on our own. It is about HIM. And what He can do with our extreme ordinary humanness. This has taken the pressure off completely, I pray it will for you to.