I recently preached a message called MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MOUNTAIN. I’m convinced that life is full of mountains to be climbed. We don’t get to choose our mountains, life is not that simple. How many of y’all know that life can throw us circumstances we don’t plan for? I believe that we have a choice even in the uncertainty of life; we can choose to move forward and make the most of our mountains.

I didn’t know as I passionately encouraged us to KEEP ON CLIMBING, that just a week later I would lose the little babe that I had just found out we were expecting. We had unexpectedly fallen pregnant with our fourth child (OMG) and I was excited. I knew my life would become gloriously chaotic but something in me was so at peace with the thought of another little Jahnig.

I am now on a new and unfamiliar mountain. Everything in me wants to race to the top and be done with this moment in my life but I know that there are lessons to be learnt and dreams to be reawakened and so I just keep taking one more step FORWARD. Life looks different when you go through pain and you see things you perhaps haven’t appreciated before. I have been reminded yet again of the power of womanhood. The women who gathered around me with compassion. Who fed my family and filled my house with flowers. Who prayed with me and sat at my hospital bed. Who brought me gifts that would serve as reminders of faith. Who messaged me day and night to remind me that this is not the end and THE BEST DAYS LIE AHEAD. Who let me cry and question and also gently lifted my eyes heavenward.


When I pioneered the LINC Sisterhood nearly three years ago I envisaged a gathering of women who would be like sisters to all of the women in their worlds. Who would embrace the call to BE Sisterhood. Women who would see pain and run towards it. Women who would put aside their own agenda to see someone else make it to the top of their mountain and then celebrate when they made it there. Women who believe that if we work together we will see the extraordinary on this earth. I know Sisterhood is real because I have seen it and felt its love and it has helped heal and restore some of my brokenness at this time.

August is Women’s month and I believe that we can all be incredibly grateful for the women around us. Women are a gift and are a vital solution to building thriving communities. What would it look like for men and women alike to see the power in the feminine soul? To nurture the beautiful complexity of it? To place value on it? To believe in it and see its God given potential released? Imagine the possibilities? My soul smiles at the thought of a community of women like this.