He’s the New York based chef whose Altamarea Group has made its presence felt in Washington, first with the convivial Osteria Morini in Navy Yard and more recently with the fast casual Nicoletta Pizzeria nearby.The company says his latest, a modern red sauce joint, is a model for more to come.Can I suggest some edits? Because as written, is not ready for replication.Meatballs and the vegetable fritto misto. (Scott Suchman/For The Washington Post)This is not immediately apparent when you stroll in, especially when the weather is fine, the doors are thrown open and a manager posted near the bar is so happy to see you, you almost mistake him for someone you met at a party. And if you were to settle in with vegetable fritto misto or some meatballs, and maybe a High Hat (a drink similar to the Aperol Spritz, as divisive as the 2016 election), so much the better.[Tom Sietsema’s 8 favorite places to eat right now]The fried vegetables cauliflower, green beans, red bell pepper sport a coat made delicious with cheese and lemon zest, and are trailed by a dip of mayonnaise spiked with Calabrian chile.

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