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Joe Guzzardi is an analyst and researcher with Progressives for Immigration Reform who now lives in Pittsburgh. The opinions expressed are his own. Tech Workers as Bad H 1B Bills Advance, June 2, 2019Joe Guzzardi: On Memorial Day, Remembering Major League Baseball’s Fallen World War II Heroes, May 26, 2019Joe Guzzardi: White Collar Workers Lose Under Jared Kushner’s Immigration Plan, May 19, 2019Joe Guzzardi: Don’t Let Robo Umpires Ruin Baseball, May 5, 2019Joe Guzzardi: Matching Program No Longer Meets Doctor Needs, April 28, 2019Annual Earth Day Celebration Brings the Fun to Serious Mission of Planet Protection, April 27, 2019Joe Guzzardi: Earth Day 2019 Since Moon Landing, Global Population Has Doubled, April 21, 2019..