Long story short, I wound up pretty okay coming out of the whole situation generally, which I am very lucky and grateful for. Went on to have a great college experience despite this and get a solid job after.Had a few shorter relationships along the way, but nothing super serious. Been dating my current girlfriend for over a year now and we have moved in together.

Imagine a spacecraft purposefully being sent into the volatile craw of a star and expected to survive and send back data. That simplistically describes the mission of the Solar Probe Plus. This unique spacecraft will visit our nearest star our Sun and hopefully answer many of the questions we have about some of the strange phenomena that occur in and around it..

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I met volunteers from Chef Jose Andres’ team who have packed 150,000 meals for displaced people and firefighters. We delivered lunches to the one stop shop where I found more people helping each other. Some of the firefighters I met plan to use their off day to serve Thanksgiving with the Chef Andres to 15,000 people tomorrow.

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The guy has to literally flee his own home. I packed up the three older kids and my kids and got out of there. I didn report it because she guilted me into thinking she had PPD and would be fine.. Then all told him to fuck off we not sparring him. He beat up a girl and ky buddy jumped in mid round and gave him a really really thorough ass whipping. Still didn straighten him out..

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Do not use “BREAKING” or ALL CAPS in titles. I not sure whether you are acting as a Clinton apologist by pointing out a Republican sin or just noting a basic political reality, but these gestures bother me. I feel that all leadership or persons for that matter should be held accountable for their actions.

When a recession hits, a lot of business will go bankrupt and many businesses will cut advertising budgets. Facebook only works because people trust it. That trust has been repeatedly violated, and in the last case, it was violated in order to help a conspiracy attack against George Soros.