Hi, I’m Tes.

Just your ordinary 30-something year old girl. A real life wife, mamma and church leader with a passion for sharing truth through words, stories and songs. I’m on a journey of finding out what it looks like to live in freedom and with peace. To have a soul that is healthy and well in every season that I find myself in. My little life completely took me by surprise and quite honestly I never dreamt I’d find myself where I am today. And although lovely and exciting in so many ways, there have been real life lessons to be learnt (and lessons I am still learning) along the way.

Life is messy and can be complicated but as my perspective shifts and my eyes stay fixed on forever, my heart softens and I continually find greater realities of contentment and even beauty amidst the mess. I’m learning to embrace this God life. The whole of it. The good, the bad and even the ugly.

So this is an invitation to join me on this journey of discovery. My prayer is that some of my story would speak to yours and that together we will become all we were created to be.

Love Tes