Every time I watch this clip developed and inspired by Always (this is the shortened version) I find myself getting a little emotional. Especially when the tot in the red dress says with every bit of herself, “It means run as fast as you can”.
(Side note: GO ALWAYS GO. Gosh we need more brands out there that are brave enough to make us all THINK!!)

As I amble along this journey of parenting three beautiful girls, I find that more and more I want to do EVERYTHING that I can, to embrace in its fullness, the mystery and beauty that is WOMANHOOD. I want to find the full extent of the “woman” me. I want to have the confidence to be “woman” more passionately than ever before. And I want to do “woman” well, so that the example and legacy that I leave my daughters will help them, and not hinder them in their future.

Every time I watch this I feel this overwhelming confidence swell within me to do everything that only I can do (aka to be my girl self) in greater measure. To endeavour to be gracious, yet tenacious, so that my girls will know that when you do things ‘like a girl’ you do them with all of your heart, unto God Himself, and that’s all that counts in the end. My most often prayed prayer is that my daughters and hopefully other women in my world would know how valuable their womanhood truly is. After all, God didn’t only make man. He added woman to man and in us being added we see the completeness of Jesus Himself. (Deep huh!)

A friend reminded me the other day that in Jesus we are made COMPLETE.  As I’ve thought on myself as a completed work of God I’ve arrived at the notion that women are indeed “COMPLETERS”. (That is not a word ha ha). But it gives expression to everything I want to say. The creator God didn’t stop with a man. In fact he saw man alone and His words are “it is not good” and he adds a woman. And then when He sees them together He says, “it’s good” and rests. There is a completion to the story after woman is added. When women are added and received as a gift there is a completion and rest that enters in. How the world ever believed women inferior and unnecessary- I just don’t get it. I really don’t. Now don’t freak out, I’m not making a case for feminism or man bashing (again these are just my thoughts). But I would love us ALL, men and women alike, to all get better at THINKING. To think about what it would look like to raise sons that see girls as partners and “completers”. To raise daughters who believe they were born to add more to the picture. That their gender is not a hindrance but rather a divine gift to the world. That marriage, motherhood, working and earning a living (often done simultaneously) are noble things. They’re not less than what a man can do, I believe they complete what a man does. Who decided it was a competition anyway?

The LIKE A GIRL CAMPAIGN speaks to my women raising heart. In a world that is full of comparison and competition I want to bring an element of truth and wisdom to these little impressionable hearts. I want my daughters to know that they have a plan and a purpose for their lives. There gender is not the hindering factor but rather pride, lack of teachability, fear and doubt. The enemy would have us think that womanhood is weakness and that to be strong we must prove ourselves better than man, but this is a vicious lie. One that I refuse to allow into my home. God has called my daughters and He has called you dear woman. I want you to know young girls that marriage and children will add to your calling and life more than you ever could believe.They are NOT a hinderance. I want my girls to know that anything is possible, but anything requires hard work, passion and commitment. Being a girl doesn’t excuse them from that. That whether they want to be a nurse, engineer, architect, teacher, soccer player or stay at home mom they should pursue their dreams with all of their heart. Without comparison. Without the stereotypes. Without the pressure that society places on them to prove a point. Without the pressure to settle for what a woman should or shouldn’t do.

This Women’s Day I would love to encourage us ALL, men and women, to be mindful of the completion that women bring to the table. The fullness, the wholeness, the accomplishment. That whether you are in a home, workplace or school it is possible for us to work together and see a stunning and world changing result. We need to think about the way that we act and speak around our children. What world views are we planting into their hearts? Are we helping them to think about who they are and where they fit in or are we just giving them “the way we’ve always known it” answers? Are we shaping the next generation from a place of fear or a place of confidence? These are big questions for me and I hope you would engage them to.

But for now Happy Women’s Day (it’s on Wednesday) girls of the world- do things ‘like a girl’ because really this world needs more ‘girl’ whatever that may look like to you. It really and truly does.