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dildos There are golden sands and a clean promenade and it popular even in winter with walkers and watersports enthusiasts.Visitors can enjoy the Grand Pier, donkey rides, children’s rides, the SeaQuarium and The Bay cafe, plus the beachfront shops selling postcards, kites and buckets and spades.Water quality earns three stars out of five and there are no restrictions on dogs between The Grand Pier and Knightstone Island and between Royal Sands and Uphill Beach. However, dogs are not allowed between The Grand Pier and Royal Sands between May and September, or on the beach at Marina Lake at any time of year.Distance from Birmingham: 112 miles, journey takes 2 hours 6 minsJust a bit further down is the longest stretch of sand in Europe running six miles from Brean to Berrow to Burnham on Sea. This piece of Somerset coastline is divided into eight beaches.The water at Burnham’s award winning Main Beach has strong currents and is not safe for swimming, except from two hours before high tide until two hours afterwards. dildos

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