Inequity has hurt Howard County schools

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I want to thank the Baltimore Sun for their coverage of school redistricting in Howard County (Howard County’s redistricting plan: Progress but not pain free ,” Sept. 10).

As a 2013 graduate of Reservoir High School, this issue is deeply personal for me. Although canada goose outlet sale I thrived as a student in Howard County Public Schools (K 8 at Hammond Elementary and Middle), I can reflect now and see that my education was lacking in crucial ways that canada goose bodywarmer uk can only canada goose outlet vaughan mills be addressed by increasing equity across the school district. Reservoir High sits somewhere in the middle canada goose outlet seattle of Howard County schools in its percentage of students receiving free and reduced meals, however, canada goose outlet orlando segregation canada goose parka uk by academic track was readily canada goose uk delivery apparent in my time there, even as a high school student with a weak understanding of race.

This segregation did not magically appear. It was the result of the complex ways that economic inequality impact housing options and the demographic composition of our schools. Despite the brilliant educators and students in all Howard County schools, a lack of canada goose outlet uk sale economic diversity has impacted academic outcomes. The processes that have led to our current structures of economic and racial inequality are deeply complex. As a masters of social work candidate, I study our country’s history of segregation policy. Everyday I learn more about how we can participate in and perpetuate systems of inequality, despite having the best of intentions about creating a more diverse and equitable world. I did not learn about ongoing structural racism and canada goose outlet ontario economic inequality until I reached university. It was only then that I was forced to reckon with my white, middle class privilege and the harm I had done to my grade school peers through my unconscious biases and behavior.

I know that everyone who cares about this redistricting process wants what is best for their communities and families. There are real impacts to families who will have to contend canada goose outlet london uk with longer bus rides and increased childcare needs should this proposal be implemented. Ignoring these facts helps no one. However, we also stand to gain canada goose outlet stronger and deeper communities. As the Baltimore Sun canada goose outlet has reported, studies have shown that school integration measures increase academic performance and lead to connections across race canada goose emory parka uk and class lines. Most importantly, they ensure that resources are more equitably spread across schools and that all children have a chance to succeed. We can only make change when we see that the net gain to ourselves and our community is exponentially greater with action. Redistricting will make our communities stronger and our students better prepared to face goose outlet canada a challenging world.