I’ve taken to running. (More like shuffling)
Before you get all envious and think WOW she is so dedicated (ha), I know what we humans are like.
I can only just run 5km. But I am slowly but surely getting into it.

One of the ways I have tried to RECALIBRATE my mind is to run with motivational tracks.
My all time favorite track (on repeat right now) is the latest single from Steven Furtick titled  I CAN HANDLE IT.

I feel my spirit lift and my motivation rise as I declare with him that;

“I’m stronger, I’m better,
It’s settled, I’m ready.
Resilient, dependent,
I know He’ll deliver.
I’m strong and courageous.
The One who is able
is greater than all.
Bring it on!
In His name,
I can handle it.”

If you are needing inspiration, fresh drive and the enthusiasm to tackle your life head on I would urge you to take a listen and believe that YOU CAN HANDLE IT.

You can download this track here or watch it on YOUTUBE.