I really believe that he come to like us a lot and took our side in the events which followed. Least wise, once we really began getting to know each other he sure was eager to talk and became something of a pest for Pesky. Ardy started wanting to come out all the time and of course Pesky had his own life to live.

kanken bags The family was stranded. They didn’t have much money and had to call family to help them rebook on United for a flight the next morning. Meanwhile, the 12 year old was in a highly disturbed state. Rod Geddes, Julie Langille, Dave O’Haire, Barry Dootoff, Terri Robbins, Krista Turcasso, Sandra Summerfield, Steve Kuijt kanken, also curator Mike Pennock and the City of Fernie. I was involved attending meetings regularly as the city liaison and can tell you first hand how much work this group of people did to make the new museum venue a reality. Fundraising, getting donors to provide services, getting volunteers, working on the actual building renovations, Laura and this group did it all but most of all Laura made sure all the details were accomplished and done on time as well as physically doing a lot of the work and having her husband Terry help out a great deal. kanken bags

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