We are currently in this really awesome series at my church called WORK IT, a conversation around human purpose. Now being married to the genius behind the idea you would think Sundays would come and go pretty naturally for me. That I wouldn’t have these STOP IT! WHAT? moments as I engaged his weekly messages? But Sunday moments often catch me by surprise. I’ll watch him articulate his inner most beliefs and passion and I’ll be completely blown away. You’ll hear things like WOW and THAT IS AMAZING come out of my mouth mid preach and that is not because I am a doting fan (although he is lovely to look at) it’s because I connect with something he says and I just can’t contain myself. We can get so familiar with our lives, don’t you think? With our spouses and children. The work we are a part of. The things we are pioneering and the friends we hold close. But it’s good and right to allow ourselves every so often to step out of the frame and take a look at what we have and listen. Listen to what our lives are telling us. Listen and breathe. Be spiritual, if you will. Take moments to engage life in all it’s fullness.

Yesterday I had one of those real “spiritual” moments. (Hopefully you’ll get where I am going with this by the end.)
The message Dylan was sharing brought me front and centre to truth. And as I walked out onto the platform to sing what I believe is possibly one of the most significant songs of this generation (You can listen here) I had this “step out the frame” moment. I saw my life. My story. My journey. And I became acutely aware of the fact that I deserve none of it. I haven’t earned it. I haven’t manufactured it. Yes we’ve laboured and dreamed and pioneered. Yes we chose this path. We said yes to some crazy promptings to do something different. But all that being said I should not be here. Rewind 9 years I wasn’t exactly your number one church leader candidate. No degrees. No life experience. Just raw naivety and an unbelievable attitude- can we all say Amen that we grow up along this journey of life (insert sigh). But here I am. Hellelujah. And sometimes I just cannot believe it? We are living the dream that we stumbled upon. And in a very significant moment yesterday I was overcome with this feeling of THANK YOU. A wow look at all this moment. To be overwhelmed by gratitude is a very powerful thing and so I let myself go there yesterday once more because who knew what tomorrow would hold. It was a sacred moment. A deep moment. A time to be savoured.

Fast forward a few hours later and you would have seen me doing the “mundane” everyday motherhood things. Back to school checks. Lunches and hair washing (we have so much hair in our house.) Stationary lists and textbook payments. The weekly meal plan and grocery lists. Meeting schedules. Script writing and the new teeth braces cleaning. And it was funny, in those mundane things I felt the same sense of “How can this be my life? it is too good. I don’t deserve this” Once again I became undone by heartfelt thanks and I savoured the sacred moment. A mundane moment where I chose to engage the reality that even ordinary was good. It matters and it counts. It’s no less than the singing of my favourite song. It’s all deeply connected and spiritual. And as I engaged the instagram worthy moments and at the same time presented myself wholeheartedly to my behind the scenes life I felt this sense that life is beautifully sacred. 

I don’t know about you, but I do not want a life that places some moments above others. Where my role as a mother is in competition to my daily outworking of life as a church leader. Where I compartmentalise the things that I think matter more. Where I decide what God gets to be a part of or not. I want the entirety of my life to have meaning. The good and the bad. The pain and the joy. All of it is sacred. It’s all spiritual. Because that is WHO I AM. My work, where I spend my breath is spiritual because that is my make up.

Do you know that life was never meant to be defined into little boxes. Neat and uniform. Physical and spiritual. Secular and sacred. We’ve been given this one life and what we do with it matters. It ALL matters. It’s all sacred. Even the pain. Even the in- between places. Even the dark parts. How we approach this changes the way we engage our everyday. What we believe about spirituality defines how we behave in general. Spirituality is not saved for a Sunday or when we practice yoga or when we pray or meditate and journal but rather its who we are. We are spiritual beings. And this spirituality of humankind is seen in our coming and going, our belief and our doubt. Our yes and our no. It’s a way and a journey not an outcome and a destination.

And so I choose again today to be me. A deeply spiritual being who endeavours to see God in amidst all of life. Who believes that life is meant to be lived ALL IN. It’s all sacred. All spiritual. Work, family, play, the good and the painful. I want to live  a connected and full life. With everything thrown into one big pot. Holding nothing back. No boxes. No compartments. Just one beautifully messy spiritual life.

Side note: If you’re reading this and would like a very simple yet profound teaching around “Everything is spiritual” you can listen to a short 30 minute message by my husband here.