Resolutions resolutions resolutions. Goals. Year plans. OMG.

Do you feel a little like I do? It’s like every year the pressure to do more and be more and attend more grows. We need to have written our SMART goals and time schedules out before the year even begins. The calendar invites, event requests and diaries are out within seconds of that midnight strike- I’m exaggerating but you get my point. It can feel overwhelming and I have to be honest there are days I want to go back to the the December dream family holiday.

Wouldn’t life be simpler if we just had no schedules and plans? Yup. It would. But I don’t feel called to that kinda way of life. In fact I believe we are all called to live a fully engaged, sometimes complicated, wild and free LIFE. A life full of whimsy and wonder and beauty. A messy life. A life without all the dots joined yet. Maybe I’m having a “I’m turning 32 life crisis or maybe I’m just starting to see clearly. That life was meant to be LIVED. That its not about where you live or what you do but rather about the choices being made to live PRESENT every day.

And so this year while trying to write down my goals and dreams I asked myself some hard questions?

Am I living life FULLY alive?
Am I living life engaged and present?
Or am I so consumed by my own plans that I have failed to be present in every single day.

Jesus has promised us a full and abundant life (John 10:10), so why do I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on what God has in store for me.

I read a book by Bob Goff once. (Side note: if you read anything this year PLEASE read “Love Does”.) It is an amazing read and will put words to much of what I am trying to say here. This book gripped my heart and through the stories of his life my soul awakened to the possibility yet again of a life lived fully alive and engaged.

And so, I don’t know who you are or where you are at, but this I know for sure:  there is LIFE, abundant, full, adventurous, fun, risky and gutsy life on offer for you and I. It’s not perfect and it’s sometimes messy but there is an offer everyday to get up and LIVE. To engage all the day has to offer. To stop and be grateful. To smile and help someone out. To be spontaneous. I don’t know about you but I am done with mediocre living. Rushing and hurrying or just existing. I’m completely inspired to live a fully engaged life. A present life. The kind of life that loves deeply even if it gets hurt. The kind of life that takes risks and believes in people. I’m not talking the safe kind of life where we greet each other whilst squashing our feelings of jealousy and comparison, I’m talking about a life were we assume the best of  people. The kind of life that calls out gold from within the people we encounter everyday. The kind of life that is full of beautiful and meaningful friendships. The kind of life that stops and listens. The kind of life that forms a heart to heart connection with our children. The kind of life that forgives quickly and moves forward.

In the book of Mark (in the Message transalation) it says in chapter 11, EMRACE THIS GOD LIFE, really embrace it and nothing will be too much for you.

What would it look like for us to EMBRACE the life God has given us. Really embrace it. With all of its imperfection and challenges. I am feeling inspired and encouraged more than ever to LIVE life engaged and I pray that you would to.