Have you ever thought about the power that your story holds? That maybe, just maybe, the retelling of your overcoming could insight courage, passion and joy? I don’t know about you, but I have been thinking a lot about this big idea called “testimony.” That’s Christian for an account, or proof of something. Eye witnesses give testimonies in court. You and I get to share testimonies of greatness and triumph in our own lives. Testimonies are powerful. And the thing is, no one can tell you that your testimony is not your testimony. That you are wrong. (Well they can try but let’s all just be kinder) Our lives bear witness to extraordinary things and when we share them, with confidence and authenticity, I believe miracles can happen.

A testimony becomes a testimony over time. And thats what’s got me all passionate about this subject. We all have these time weathered stories of overcoming. We all have scars that give proof to our journey and so often we hold these things so tightly. So so tightly. We’re scared of vulnerability and put off by pride but I have to wonder? What lies on the other side of your story? What if your reaching out, your sharing could set another free? Could perhaps bring greater freedom to the table of your life?

I was recently reading a very academic book (I’m a fan of literature that makes me think hard). This book had much to say about our testimonies. Did you know that the root word of  TESTIMONY is a word I can not type that means DO AGAIN. When I read this I literally felt my heart beat wildly at this wild epiphany. Every time you, or I, EVERY TIME we bear witness or share our stories of overcoming by God’s divine help and grace. Every time we do this we are literally bellowing to all who will hear DO IT AGAIN. Do what you did in and for me, DO IT AGAIN GOD! I have seen you do it before and I now know that it is possible so DO IT AGAIN. The unleashing of the miraculous happens in the impartation of the victory. The courage, the joy, the peace, the breakthrough- it is passed on supernaturally by grace as we lift up weary hands and nurture broken hearts with our personal God stories. I feel like we could all get better at telling our stories. Not the fake stories that aren’t actually happening. The Instagram life and the perfect facade on Facebook. But rather the testimonies that have been tested by time. The victories that we hold in our hands. The breakthroughs we have been freely given – just because that is how God likes to act. I know I can. Get better at sharing God’s extravagance and relentless pursuit of me. Because I honestly believe that my healing can be yours. My wholeness can be yours. The redeeming of my marriage can be your story. My overcoming of issues with food and body image can be your reality. There are more than enough miracles to go round.

There is power in our words. In our stories. And when we couple our testimonies of God’s faithfulness and love with the supernatural power of Jesus to do the unexplained and extraordinary, impossible things happen. Miracles come to the fore.

So open your mouth and encourage someone today with stories about a God, a Father who has done exceedingly and abundantly more in your life than you could have every deserved or earned on your own. Let your life speak. Start to leverage your journey and watch the rising up that follows just because you chose to believe in the power of your story.

Revelation 12:11 They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.