Ruler 6. Ball point pen. 7. Their drink is supposed to stay in the size they ordered and a venti split into two tall cups is technically two tall frappuccinos and should be charged as such.” She raises her voice “what the question??!!” And I stand on my tippy toes and say “I just letting him know that technically we would have to charge for two cups but this time ” she cuts me off “I go to this store this store this store for years and they never charge me for two blah blah blah ” to which I respond “I understand, I just letting him knew for future reference because he is new and ” cuts me off again “yeah well I have been coming to Starbucks for years and never have had this issue” and I said “I wasn planning on charging you for two, ma That why I was whispering to him. Was just letting him know for future reference and telling him if he like he could let you know for future reference as well unless he uncomfortable since it his first day. ” I hope she doesn call to complain or something cus I was trying not to give attitude or seem snappy or anything.

wholesale yeti tumbler The sound design is similarly bold and immersive. I glad that Mallick is making films as frequently as he is now, because there needs to be someone to occasionally freshen things up in Hollywood. I still haven seen Badlands and To The Wonder, but Mallick is becoming one of my favourite and most respected filmmakers. wholesale yeti tumbler

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