Dear Woman. Dear Girl. Dear Mammas heart. Dear Sister and friend. Dear daughter.

On this International Women’s Day I celebrate you. In fact, my life is a daily celebration of the feminine heart. The beautiful soul. The pursuers of peace. The embracers of Hope. The early risers and the late night nursers. The juggling workers and the stay at home nurturers. The sisters, the mothers and grandmothers alike. The daughters and young innocents that are still yet to live life.

Today I celebrate you. Everyday I am thankful for you. Love YOU. The woman you. The girl you.

You’re made in HIS image and likeness. When God created He did so with you in mind. Not an after thought but a strategic addition. A solution if you like. To the very first problem the world would ever hold. Woman. The divine attachment and supernatural expansion. The out working of God’s image here on earth. Woman. Strength and grace embodied in mysterious beauty. Misunderstood and often times ignored. Woman. Not limited to the product of history. Woman. Still today the most marginalized people group on the planet. Woman. Abused and silenced yet not blotted out. Woman. Seen and heard by God. Think Hannah. Think Esther. Think Deborah and Mary. Think me and think you. Woman. Used by God to be peace bringers and home makers. Good news carriers and genius story tellers. Woman. Earths life line, holding heavens heart. Radically designed to raise generations and leave legacies. To fashion and mould young souls to know the Maker of all our souls. Woman. Jugglers of all things time, talents and treasure. Multi takers, many hat wearers. Busy bees and genius creators. Mans most necessary partner. Helper. Friend. Lover. Woman. Created to live alongside not behind, above or below. Created for purposes beyond our wildest dreams. Woman. The Fathers passion and most tender of beings.

Woman. Today I celebrate you. Everyday I thank God for you.

Woman. Nurturers of my heart and soul. Cheer leaders of my destiny. Bearers of my burdens.

Woman. Today I salute you.

You are brave. You are strong. You are kind. You are beautiful.

So be woman. Love the woman you. The girl heart. The daughter spirit.

You were born to be a restorer of souls.

So be beautiful one. Just be. You.