I know single payer will never happen, everyone who has even a passing understanding of politics knows single payer will never happen, Bernie sure as hell knows it will never happen, yet he saying he will try so we put him in the White House. What they are saying is there is a very clear disconnect between many Sanders suppers and how the world works. If you try to take Sanders plan and force down Americans throat in one presidency all you gonna get is blowback and at best you be back where you started.

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RyJo does outscore his competition more effectively but again, he has easier zone deployment and better linemates. RyJo also has a PDO of 101. I also like how you ignore the fact that you probably didnt even realize you were using rel numbers lol. What? Sorry I’m a bit confused and don’t understand what you mean. The questions they ask in those polls (or at least the examples I’ve seen) usually are ‘rate your approval of Trump as president’ with five options one for strongly approve, approve, neutral, disapprove, or strongly disapprove. Then typically analysis I’ve seen will couple the ‘strongly approve’ and ‘approve’ together.