This pisses me off more than anything. The concept of insulation is completely foreign in Japan (except in the northern areas like Hokkaido). There is so much hemming and hawing about saving electricity, so they can turn on the AC during a heatwave in early May because “it not that time of year yet.” Meanwhile, when they do use the AC wholesale jerseys, it gets cranked up to unnecessary levels.

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Before using a green option to dispose of the extinguisher, see if it can be recharged. Call your local fire department and ask if this is an option. Many departments recharge fire extinguishers or let you exchange an older or used extinguisher for a new one.

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There are some bills that are not fixed monthly, such as an electric bill. Ask the company if they are willing to offer you a deal where you pay a fixed amount based on your average use. If the monthly amount works out in your favor, then consider paying that amount annually..

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