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2020 Is not cancelled

I don’t know what it is that you love, but I am lover of language. Words make me come alive inside, and so, because of that I live with my eyes and ears open to words everyday. All over the place. All of the time. My ear tune in to it ALL- the good, theContinue reading “2020 Is not cancelled”

Dear mammas (In lockdown)

To the mammas who have craved a child. In any form or fashion. To the ones who have endured the pain of negative tests. Failed IVF treatments or the ones still waiting for adoptions to go through. To the ones who have cried until your tears ran out. You are courageous beyond belief. You areContinue reading “Dear mammas (In lockdown)”

Love letters in lockdown

I heard you snoring last night. You even do that passionately. And a giggle gurgled from deep within me as I pictured your corpse like sleeping position. Hands on your heart with your head tilted upward, the sweetest smile firmly planted on your face.  And I wondered as I lay a few breaths away, unableContinue reading “Love letters in lockdown”

Moonlight musings

I woke up abruptly a few mornings ago at about 3am. I’m not sure why. Truthfully I haven’t slept soundly in almost a month so to be awake at this hour wasn’t unusual. I decided to go and read to put myself back to sleep but as I began my short walk to the loungeContinue reading “Moonlight musings”

To the Corona Virus

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know some things about me and the human race. I write to communicate best what’s on my heart and I’ve greeted you by name strategically and with intention. You’re not particularly worthy of the identity you have been given but in my belief system whenContinue reading “To the Corona Virus”

Are you ok?

One of the things that has really gripped my thoughts in this season of social distancing and lock downs is our mental health. With the amount of emotion, fear and relational isolation that is prevalent I have thought often of people who may have battled depression or anxiety and feel the pinch of this time.Continue reading “Are you ok?”

The kindness of the island

Disclaimer:  Please note all social distancing practices for delivery etc were followed stringently at all times and most items were dropped at our gate. Also I may or may not talk about feminine hygiene products in this post.  In the first few days of being here we swung between feeling nervous and excited at theContinue reading “The kindness of the island”

My Star

Some days are just a little more complex than others. Some days are a little longer and slower. I let my mind wander off to places I know I shouldn’t, and well, pair that with some stress around our situation and you’ve got “that” kind of day. For us “that” kind of day looks likeContinue reading “My Star”

Words Words Words

I’m not sure if you’ve picked this up but I like words. I use them in elaborate ways. I layer them. I tend to use far too many adjectives in one sentence. I sign up for “learn new words” bulk emails and I read a vast selection of literature and poetry -all because I trulyContinue reading “Words Words Words”

Why God, why?

I was sitting in a paediatric ward with my son over the weekend, wondering  “why am I here?” Look I knew WHY I was there, Joel had bronchial pneumonia and his lungs were not doing their job and so there I was in the middle of what felt like a mess and the majority of my moments with God foundContinue reading “Why God, why?”

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