A prayer for the anxious heart

As hearts race and breathless lungs seek air.

As some struggle to face the day and raise their weary heads from their pillows.

As we may lose our ability to see clearly. When the road ahead is filled with life induced fog.

When the news is too much and we can’t seem to snap out of an inner turmoil

As we try and run from pain and hide in this forced isolation.

I know you’re right here God.

Would you deposit within us the will and tenacity BY YOUR SPIRIT to take hold of the sound mind that you have given us access to.

To choose to believe that despite what we see and feel YOU ARE A GOOD AND LOVING FATHER and you GO BEFORE.

Help us to remember that you’re waiting for us in seasons of pain and grief. Seasons like right now.

In this pitch black night thank you that the promise of Psalm 139 is true YOU EVEN SEE US IN THE DARK.

You see each heart and each life. YOU SEE IT ALL.

You see and yet you do not turn your face away but rather you beckon us into the safety of your arms

We decide today to go on a journey of undoing and overcoming – a journey towards with you.

GIVE US YOURSELF and we will have more than enough.

And so, until the darkness disappears and the dawn has fully come

In spite of the shadows and the fear

We will climb this mountain with you and we will choose to face ourselves.

You can Download the Prayer here.

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