Dear mammas (In lockdown)

To the mammas who have craved a child. In any form or fashion. To the ones who have endured the pain of negative tests. Failed IVF treatments or the ones still waiting for adoptions to go through. To the ones who have cried until your tears ran out. You are courageous beyond belief. You are a warrior within. May you feel the warmth of heaven’s smile on you today as you remind yourself that you are all woman. With or without a child you carry the spirit of a mother deposited in all the daughters on the planet. You have a mandate to nurture, lead and graciously shape a generation to come. You’ve got this.

To the newest mamma heart. The one newly pregnant and patiently waiting the 9 month journey of growing a human being. The one who is looking at the state of the world with uncertainty as you plan to bring a child into this broken world. To the mamma heart who may be feeling the waves of fatigue and sickness. You are brave and you are created perfectly and wonderfully, with every thing that you need, to nurture this growing soul. You’ve got this.

To the mammas with tiny babes. The young ones. The needy ones. The mammas whose hands are busied by nappies and introducing solid foods. Sleepless nights and navigating nap times. The mammas whose tea gets cold one, two, three, four times a day. The breast feeding, bottle warming, routine juggling ones. You are resilient. You have energy. You are doing a beautiful job just by getting up each day and doing the same seemingly mundane things. You can do another day. You can do another night because God Himself has placed the endurance of heaven within you. You’ve got this.

To the toddling mammas. The ones that are watching as the little ones leave a path of semi-destruction in their wake. The endless walks around the garden. The scrambling to distract and entertain. To the mammas who can’t turn the eyes away for a second. The ones who have not sat down for days on days on days. The ones who may feel worn and washed out. The boy mammas who can’t figure out how to potty train and bring some form of calm to the wildness. The girl mammas who are bewildered by the vast sway of emotion every. Single. Day. You know what your family needs. You know how to share the load. You are stronger than you could ever imagine, because, in your felt weakness, the power of heaven is strengthening your very bones. You’ve got this.

To the teacher mammas. The ones juggling different grades and work loads. The ones trying to become tech geniuses in a moment. The ones googling decimals and fractions. The ones wracking their brains for knowledge of proper nouns and adverbs. The ones listening to reading while they help others hand in assignments. The ones using every ounce of energy to create an online school environment that stimulates learning and is founded upon a foundation of family and not performance. You were born for this. In the stretch of yourself your capacity is growing into something that you were created to be. You are a leader and you have a brilliant mind. You know what you need to do. You’ve got this.

To the teen mammas and the adult mammas. The ones where your children need you but don’t really want you. The ones who you are giving space and yet helping adult hearts navigate a world crisis. The ones who are treading unknown waters with children who are fighting internal battles to discover who they are. You have fresh life giving breath within you. You are a cushion for them to land safely upon. You know when to press in and when to walk away. You have discernment and the ability to think beyond what you see right now. You’ve got this.

To the working mammas who know they need to work late at night to keep their livelihood. The ones who are moving between everyones needs. The ones who feel pulled in many directions. The ones who are carrying a weight of financial strain. You are enough and everything that you are will pull you through. Lean into wisdom. Usher in mercy and grace as you pick some things up and put some down every day. You’ve got this.

To the mammas at home alone. With your big children far and wide. To the ones where rooms gather dust and the sound of your breathing is heard as you sit in silent home spaces. To the ones who feel an ache. The ones who crave the noise. To the ones who wish for the company of little hands and hearts. God presents the lonely within families. You are not forgotten. Even in this isolation you are remembered, treasured and loved. All that you have deposited, is seeing your big children through this season. You’ve got this.

And to the hearts whose mammas have graduated to heaven. The ones who’d give anything for a connection today. To the ones who are desperately trying to locate a memory, of smell or touch, of a mamma gone before. To the grieving ones. The kiss of heaven comes to embrace your pain today. To wipe away every tear. You are not alone in your grief. Your mammas would be so incredibly proud of you. You’ve got this.

And so, from one mamma to another on this Mother’s day in Lockdown. You are exceptional. Empowered. Strong. Strategic. Brave. Resilient. Wise. You have everything that you need to make it through this season and come out strong on the other side. Hang in there. Take a moment to breathe today. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with your heart. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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