To the Corona Virus

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know some things about me and the human race. I write to communicate best what’s on my heart and I’ve greeted you by name strategically and with intention. You’re not particularly worthy of the identity you have been given but in my belief system when you call something evil by name and put it in its rightful place you strip it of it’s authority and power. And so, although we have never met I want you to know I speak to you everyday in an attempt to remind you exactly what you are and where you fit in, in the grander scheme of things.

My name is Tes. You have not had the privilege of meeting me. Or getting to know me personally in anyway. Although I’m sure you are somewhat impressive and intimidating to the scientific eye I am grateful that we have not made contact and I am confident that you will not have the opportunity to do so.

You came like a thief in the night, hoping to catch us all off guard. I must be honest. You certainly got that right. WOW. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate this would be my reality in 2020. I started off declaring that this year would be one where I would SEE COLOUR. And I did and still do, but you were definitely not part of the colourful sight I was looking for. In fact I may have been a little flippant about your existence initially. For that I apologise. 

I am astounded by the fame you’ve acclaimed in just 6 short months. The amount of time and mental capacity you have been given. The stir you’ve created in the media and in politics. You will become a historic moment in time and that is pretty incredible really. You have excelled in your attempts to destroy and destruct. You’ve brought sickness and death in devastating proportions. It’s been awful to witness and I’ve cried myself breathless because of you. You have stretched good and hard working medical staff to their ultimate limit. You’ve kept families apart and people have lost and continue to lose their livelihood. You’ve brought economies to a grinding halt and you’ve unravelled the education system. You’ve shut down tourism and thriving industries. You have locked people in their homes, and yes some families will thrive. Others, however, will not. Abuse has and probably will happen in the shadows with no way of escape and to date the use of pornography views on the web continues to skyrocket around the world. You’ve managed to call off momentous celebrations and left people drowning in loneliness as they grieve. And most catastrophically you have gripped the world by the throat, instilling fear and anxiety in hearts like I have never yet witnessed in my lifetime. You’ve spread a pandemic of dread around our planet as we all try and navigate the “what ifs” and lack of control we have on the situation. You’ve kept us from our communities and the instinctive human need of being together. You’ve isolated humanity, in a sense, and have even attempted to shut down the church.

But Corona virus you’ve underestimated us. Humans that is.

You’ve underestimated our ability to rise in adversity and come through extremity and thrive. Just look at the Black death plague. It thought it could wipe out populations and even a generation, and yet, what followed was the Great Renaissance, that produced the most brilliant resurgence of creativity in architecture, innovation and the arts than ever before in the history of the earth.

You’ve underestimated the internet. You thought you could use it to spread fear like a wild fire out of control, but the internet, has become our greatest tool of connection. People helping people. People singing over cities. Free online concerts and education programmes. Churches being streamed to thousands more than when they physically gather. Businesses taking time to meet strategically over online platforms to navigate the future AFTER YOU. Schools are carrying on with the genius offered through the web and some people are using it tor revolutionise what they do. You thought you could strip us of the access we have to people but in many spaces and places we have thrived in this time because of the 24/7 connectivity the internet allows.

You’ve underestimated the human race. And you have grossly underestimated my God.

You see we’re slap bang in the middle of this immensely glorious and Holy time called Easter. It’s Holy, not because of religious activity, but, because it is a set apart time to remember the truth. I want to remind you of this truth today. Corona virus YOU WILL NEVER WIN. You can not. Because Jesus – HE ALREADY WON. A man Jesus who is GOD Himself (complex thought I know) gave up His own home, heaven, to dwell on earth so that in His divine yet human nature He could give Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice to rescue humanity. AT THIS TIME, many many years ago. He died on cross and then rose from the dead 3 days later. By doing this He conquered death, sickness, evil, sin, shame and fear. And although you are here on earth today YOU CAN NOT LAST because you’re already beaten. Already overcome. Already put in your rightful place under the very feet of Jesus and therefore under my feet too. 

I want you to know that you have no power here. You may have your moment but you will end and when you do we will resume our posts. We will come outside and we will see clearer. We will begin to celebrate and meet again and this time with greater intentionality and gratitude. We’ll educate differently with greater emphasis on the things that matter and businesses will resume with greater fortitude, strength and vision. We’ll be more patriotic and united than ever before and we will have a greater value for the selfless people who served humanity when most of us were kept at home. We will be stronger in our families and we will have persevered towards greater intimacy in our marriages. We will have conquered fear and we will have learnt how to move past isolation and loneliness and press into community. We will know and understand our children better and we will have been given the opportunity to spend time away from unhealthy partnerships and friendships. We will hold greater empathy and we will also house the energy to do something magnificent with the future.

You may have flipped my 2020 inside out and upside down. You may have kept me from home. You may have caused a battle within my mind but please know in this heart, in this home YOU HAVE NOT WON. 

You like to enter into our lives without invitation. Well you’re not welcome here. I do not give you permission to fill spaces and places in my heart. I do not give you permission to meet up with my family, friends and community. And guess what, I still see colour. I still see it. I see it in myself. I see it in my husband. I see it in my kids. I see it in our friends and family. In our church. In our nation and in the world. I SEE IT, in fact the colours seem to be more vivid and exceptionally bright than ever before and there is nothing you can do that will be able to blur my vision to grey. 

Your days are but a vapour. This will not last. And I look forward to celebrating your end.


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