Words Words Words

I’m not sure if you’ve picked this up but I like words. I use them in elaborate ways. I layer them. I tend to use far too many adjectives in one sentence. I sign up for “learn new words” bulk emails and I read a vast selection of literature and poetry -all because I truly just love the stunning way words can create a world around them. I love their sound and the pictures they create in my mind. I love the power they hold. One word can turn an entire thought around. I love how words can shape an atmosphere. How they can capture our hearts and challenge our minds.

So all of this being said. I have been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as I have taken in all the WORDS being put out “there” during this season of the world, where we, as a people, are navigating this pandemic called the Corona Virus. I’ve been stirred and encouraged. I’ve read posts and blogs. I’ve watched messages and videos that people have laboured over. I have been challenged and equipped by preaches online that have showcased THE WORD, truth, like never before. I have stood in awe of people who have so cleverly managed to keep things light in this time and yet helped educate the planet on what is necessary for all of us to make it through. I have loved the contribution of children who have used words and pictures to convey hope to a hurting world. I have been moved to tears and exceeding joy as I’ve listened to songs that speak to brighter days. That remind us of THE WORD that rules and reigns within each and everyone of us.

And then there are the other kind of words. The less life giving ones. The perpetual negative news. The discouragement. The ones that seek to remind us that this is God’s way of dealing with wickedness. (I apologise if you hold this view I just simply do not) Words that have an agenda and seek to break people down. Arguments over whether we should mask or not mask. Thoughts about what the church should and should not be doing. Words over China. Words over the USA. Words over people not adhering to Lockdown regulations. Words over white privilege. Words against neighbours and friends. Words. Words. Words.

Here’s the thing. This is what I have come to know. We are all struggling through some kind of reality that we never dreamt right now. I do not know your situation but I’m guessing your family is split up or your business is losing crazy amounts of income day by day by day. Maybe your child is in Grade 12 and they desperately need the physical input of a teacher. Maybe you’ve had to cancel a wedding or you can’t gather for a memorial and all your soul longs for is to say goodbye in this way. Maybe the lockdown is affecting your marriage, you’re not used to being so close all the time and the cracks are showing. Maybe you have very little kids and no help and it’s just exhausting. Maybe you or a loved one has contracted this awful virus and you have lived with a really sick body and extreme fear around the outcome. Maybe you are a medical professional who is so torn between the oath you took and the real concerns you have for you and your family. Or maybe you went on a dream holiday amidst a global crisis. You were given the all clear and encouraged to pursue the opportunity and you landed up stuck in the very place you just wanted to visit momentarily. Maybe you are so far away that your heart aches and the unknown looms over your head as you wrestle with you decisions and where you have landed up.

Here’s the glaring truth for all of us WHEREVER we find ourselves– this is the crux of the story.

We get to choose our words. We get to decide what we will say and declare in this season.

As high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so my ways and my thoughts are higher than yours.
 “As the snow and rain that fall from heaven
    do not return until they have accomplished their purpose,
    soaking the earth and causing it to sprout with new life,
    providing seed to sow and bread to eat.
 So also will be the word that I speak;
    it does not return to me unfulfilled.
    My word performs my purpose
    and fulfils the mission I sent it out to accomplish
. Isaiah 55 TPT

YOUR WORDS CARRY WEIGHT. When you throw them out there loosely or with passion and conviction YOU CAN NOT TAKE THEM BACK. Are we aware of the power of our words to go forth and create something?

Can I be honest with you dear ones, no-one is forcing me to get up each day and practice gratitude. I choose that. I do not have to speak scripture over my children, my home nation and this sweet Island called Mauritius. I chose to. I am not under duress to put myself out there with vulnerability and authenticity and say HEY THIS IS OUR STORY BUT WE KNOW GOD IS IN IT AND LEADING US THROUGH TO THE BIGGER PICTURE. I have decided to walk it out this way. Every day, choosing to speak life, encouragement over everyone and every situation. Because this is what I have figured THE MEDIA WORLD doesn’t need anymore WORDS that drag people down and instil fear. There is more than enough of that.

I believe. (And truthfully I’m just Tes so please take this from whence it comes) I BELIEVE. Words hold power and we can use them to build up or tear down. When I look back at this season. When I consider the trials and recount the suffering. When I acknowledge the pain and loss. When I look back I want to be able to say confidently that I used my words to shape an atmosphere of hope, faith and joy. That I prayed and encouraged until I could no longer find the energy to do so. You may feel otherwise. You may want to involve yourselves in the political, religious and socio-economic discussions about where the world is ending up. Please feel free to continue to do just that. But as for me, I am going to share a story that SHOUTS LOUD that THIS IS NOT THE END. Yes, I acknowledge the reality of it all. Yes, I am in a predicament of having chosen to travel etc. Yes I wish it looked different. But you know what when all is said and done these are the words I hear loud and clear in my heart – JESUS WINS. IT IS FINISHED. This Corona virus is planted firmly under His feet and each day as we all do our bit and adhere to public regulations and stay at home and do all the things I KNOW THIS WILL END. And so I am speaking that. Again and again and again.

Right now. TODAY! I declare TRUE WORDS OVER YOU.

That God is for you.
He is with you.
He goes before you.
He gives you wisdom that you need.
He is working this out.
You are held by an Almighty God.
He will not leave you 
Healing and wholeness are your portion
Your family and business is favoured
Your life is blessed.
Hold fast to truth today and may I encourage us all to switch off the rest. The health of our souls depends upon it.

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