Church kids: what I now know

It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always glam. But it is so worth it. So so worth it. So come on, let’s be those people that build a platform for the next generation that is solid and firm. That launches them into a magnificent destiny. I know it’s possible. Don’t be disillusioned. Let’s dream bigger. I am wholehearted committed to giving this my all and I’m crazy enough to ask you to join me. I think it’s gonna be fun.

The power of staying

When I started out on this marriage journey I never understood what the staying would produce. Oh how I would have savoured the ordinary if I had known that my capacity would increase as I chose each morning to get up and do it again. I would have panicked less about progress and enjoyed the small daily steps if I had realised the power of remaining and what it would do for my heart. I’d have embraced the slowness of a lifetime commitment if I had known then the beauty and sheer brilliance of choosing the same path regardless of the pain or difficulty that followed.

Like a girl

As I amble along this journey of parenting three beautiful girls, I find that more and more I want to do EVERYTHING that I can, to embrace in its fullness, the mystery and beauty that is WOMANHOOD. I want to find the full extent of the “woman” me. I want to have the confidence to be “woman” more passionately than ever before.

Back to school, back to reality.

It’s a lot to think about. I think about this often. It’s an ongoing journey for me one where I discover more and more as I go. My heart is that if you read this you won’t feel like a failure (that’s how I often feel after I read parenting books and blogs). My prayer is that you would feel compelled by the depth of love in my heart for women all over this planet. That you would be stirred to look at your life and ask questions?

A mothers response to “13 Reasons Why?”

So what do we do? What do I do to protect my children? How do I teach them? How do I prepare them? What role can I play in ensuring that this is not their story? And how can I help prevent this in many young lives that I have access to?


FAMILY is active. This is a mental shift. Family doesn’t just happen. It takes intentionality and communication. It takes honesty and forgiveness. It takes our engagement and our choosing to be in it “heart and soul”